Chefs Catering

Chefs Catering specializes in Theme Cuisines for any retail and corporate functions that are budget friendly. Some of our supportive corporate contract customers include the Children's Cancer Foundation, School After School, 365 Cancer Prevention Society and Angel Playing cards. With years of experience in preparing a diversity of cuisines including Healthy, Asian, Thai, Indonesia and International cuisines, Chefs Catering remains a preferred caterer in meeting customers' demands for all occasions. We emphasize and prioritize quality service and food safety. 

Through a team of dedicated Chefs and staffs, we aim to be a trusted household caterer in Singapore by achieving premium and consistent level of food freshness, quality, cleanliness and satisfying customer service.

Let us do the rest for you! 

 Chefs Catering - "My Cuisines, Your Choice".

Chefs Bento

Chefs Bento embraces the concept of encapsulating home-cooked dining experience prepared by our Private Chefs in a box. Chefs Catering believes that our specially curated meals have granted a convenient access to delicious variety of foods for our customers.  We value the choices of customers and thus provide over 50 varieties of bentos including (1) Healthy (HPB endorsed), (2) Nutri (Nutritionist  endorsed), (3) Asian and Western, (4) Wholegrain, (5) Rice Roll and Onigiri 

Chefs Catering - "My Cuisines, Your Choice".